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The DELTA stops and pneumatic damping stops are WÖRNER brand, and they have demonstrated their utility for many years in our FMS lines.
The damping stops are capable of damping and accumulating palets from 0.25kg up to 1000kg., with belt speeds of up to 30m/min.

By means of these stops optimum damping of the pallets is obtained, with very short cycle times. Due to the progressive and adjustable damping, even with pallets of different weight, neither sudden shocks nor kick-backs occur in the final position. That guarantees soft, progressive operation, without noise.
Damping of the stops allows working at high speeds, since the line structure does not suffer due to the shocks.
These stops are available with simple or double effect, and with opened – closed position detection.
The indexers complement this WÖRNER range, indexers that obtain perfect stability in the positioning of the pallets.
A wide scale of accessories is also included: Supports for vertical, horizontal and swivel detection; anti-kick back, etc.

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